Elsewhere: Scooting Out Of Trouble

The Observer’s Jason Horowitz broke the news of Scooter Libby’s commuted sentence.

Andrew Sullivan’s response to Bush: “I retained some minimal respect. No longer.”

John McCain takes some steps to create an, ahem, “more nimble campaign.”

Josh Marshall wonders if it’s “Phil Gramm ’96 redux.”

As for the other flagging frontrunner, Noam Scheiber says Hillary Clinton is “vulnerable in ways that weren’t apparent six months ago” and says she has to reevaluate her strategy before it’s too late.

Obama’s fundraising aside, Chris Cillizza thinks Hillary remains the frontrunner.

Jonathan Martin reports that McCain and Mitt Romney addressed a secretive conservative Christian group late last week.

A First Lady seeks the presidency—in Argentina.

More completely uninformed speculation about Bill Clinton’s hypothetical romantic adventures.

The war between Eliot Spitzer and Joe Bruno heightened. Bruno claimed that the story about his helicopter trips “came out of the governor’s office.”

Curbed takes a look the Times’ Sunday story about “possible risk” in the Atlantic Yards project and concludes that the projected sale prices (of $900 to $1000 a square foot) for condos at that location “[don’t] really sound that shocking.”

After masterminding a disastrous war and getting drummed out of his job running the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz has decided to lend a hand to Africa. Can Scooter be far behind? Elsewhere: Scooting Out Of Trouble