Elsewhere: Spitzer, Clinton, Cooper

Former Time reporter Matt Cooper thinks Eliot Spitzer probably knew what his aides were up to.

Ben looks at the manufacturers of conventional wisdom.

Vanity Fair writes about Judith Giuliani in a way that will not please Mike McKeon.

Al Sharpton is competing with Jesse Jackson by opening an office of the National Action Network in Chicago.

Hillary Clinton canceled a public appearance in New Jersey, but had a fund-raiser there.

Michael Bloomberg defended the new location a 9/11 memorial ceremony this year.

Liz explains everything you ever wanted to know about the special election in the 105th Assembly District.

Here are the press people for Fred Thompson’s campaign.

And above is Monday Morning Clacker's clip of an appearance by Rudy Giuliani in New Hampshire in which he warns of a Democratic tax apocalypse. Elsewhere: Spitzer, Clinton, Cooper