Elsewhere: Spitzer, Cuomo, Affleck

Andrew Cuomo is the GOP’s hero.

The Albany District Attorney said Joe Bruno is in the clear.

Valmanette Montegomery, a state Senator in Brooklyn, sent a public mailing in her district trashing congestion pricing.

Transit advocates ranked the city subways.

There is more chatter about a fare hike.

The birth place of hip-hop may make the national list of historically valuable places.

Ben says there are no cameras or cell phones allowed in the hands of audience members during tonight’s CNN/YouTube debate.

Rupert Murdoch reportedly is on the short list for Time’s person of the year award.

An unscientific poll on Daily Kos shows Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating among readers there a little low.

George Bush’s approval rating in New Jersey is really low.

Joe Biden and John Edwards shared the limelight, by accident, in South Carolina.

Ben Affleck dons a corn outfit, and talks (menacingly!) about biofuels.

Dennis Kucinich wants you to text for peace.

And pictured above is Eliot Spitzer telling reporters in midtown that he was misled by his staff about the Joe Bruno travel stuff.

Elsewhere: Spitzer, Cuomo, Affleck