Elsewhere: Spitzer, Dopp, Clarke

Joe Bruno wants Eliot Spitzer to stop being so aggressive.

“The Spitzer mess” is pretty bad since the once-popular Democrat is sounding like the very unpopular Republican president, says Ben.

On that note: President Bush’s chief of staff and another aide were cited by a congressional committee for not participating in a federal investigation.

The Times takes a closer look at Darren Dopp, who didn’t participate too much with the Cuomo investigation in Albany, but used to be very helpful to reporters.

Sheldon Silver said the use of state troopers to keep tabs on political opponents “was something that had taken place previously.”

My item about Christine Quinn losing her finance director gets reposted on Room 8 by a a mysterious blogger “because no one posts on the Politicker anymore…”

Yvette Clarke is one of the most beautiful people in Washington.

Hillary Clinton looks to have gotten two major endorsements today. And some generous treatment in the Daily News, according to Assemblyman Michael Benjamin.

The not-quite-announced presidential campaign of Fred Thompson lost a key member today.

New York magazine has posted some fun letters to and from Thompson. 

And pictured above is Christine Quinn with Dennis Gallagher, whose controversial return to the City Council today was overshadowed somewhat.

Elsewhere: Spitzer, Dopp, Clarke