Ewan McGregor Sells New Smell

Actor Ewan McGregor has been named the face of Davidoff's new fragrance, according to a report in Women's Wear Daily (subscription required).

The fragrance from the makers of Cool Water, the one that smells a bit like a gin and tonic and that was worn universally by all gay men in the late 1990's, is due out at the beginning of next year.

"Ewan McGregor is a natural choice. Not only is he one of the most talented actors of his generation, but he also has a charisma and an authenticity that will be very important for the new Davidoff fragrance," said Francoise Mariez of Coty Prestige, which distributes Davidoff fragrances.

Of course if men's perfume were usually bought by the men themselves instead of their wives or girlfriends, or by gay men, a lady would be "the face" of the new fragrance. Ewan McGregor Sells New Smell