Finger-Pointing, Albany Edition

The latest odd twist in the Eliot Spitzer vs. Joe Bruno saga is the question of who initially complained about Bruno’s state funded traveling which led Spitzer to have Bruno trailed by state troopers in order to log his traveling?

A spokesman for Spitzer is quoted in a Post story as saying Conservative Party leader Michael Long made the initial complaint. Long, who has feuded with both Bruno and Spitzer, called that a complete lie.

Long went a bit further during an interview this morning on WABC Radio, where he said:

“I just hung up the phone, right before I got on this show, I called Governor Sptizer and I asked him quite frankly—that I was very upset with this, number one—and I asked him to find out who fabricated this story. And I expected an apology from a member of his staff.”

The response?

“His response was he really doesn’t deal with these things” and “he doesn’t pay attention to the tabloids and that he would pass my request along. He’s the governor of the state of New York. Who’s he going to pass it to?” Finger-Pointing, Albany Edition