To the Editor:

I hope no one missed the implication of the photo caption on “Goodbye, Mr. Chaps” [June 25], which read, “In 1975, marchers wanted the 1968 Civil Rights Act to be amended to include gay rights—that still hasn’t happened.”

It seems that by giving up on the parade’s original messages, we’ve symbolically given up on basic civil rights. It is grim when more gays anticipate iPhones than the Gay Pride Parade, and when Will and Grace is lauded as a breakthrough instead of called out as a complacency.

When I moved to New York three years ago, I hopped off the turnip truck in front of the Christopher Street subway stop, on Pride Weekend, and it was (and still is) a singular, unifying experience. Gay men and lesbians will never be equal unless we continue to stand up as one, for five hours in the sun, every last Sunday in June.

Brian Ulicky