Fresh Lease Moves New Times Tower Toward Full

The New York Times' new office tower has a new tenant. Jams Inc., an arbitration company with offices at 280 Park Avenue and 45 Broadway, is moving onto the 34th floor at the Times tower at 620 Eighth Avenue, a source tells us. The space is for over 31,000 square feet.

That means the Times tower is inching even closer to full occupancy. The 35th, 38th and 44th floors are the only floors remaining for a direct lease, according to CoStar. Asking rents range from $89 per foot to $97 per foot. The 37th, 45th and 46th floors also remain on the market through subleasing.

The Times moved into the tower two months ago and has been experiencing a series of growing pains – oh, you know, maggots in the ceilings – as they adjust to the new space.  Here’s hoping it works out a little better for Jams.  

Representatives for Forest City Ratner, the tower's developer, did not return calls for comment. Fresh Lease Moves New Times Tower Toward Full