Get Blair Berk! Lohan’s Lawyer is Hollywood Helper

The Wall Street Journals law blog introduces us to Blair Berk, a favorite lawyer among Hollywood types who get into trouble with the law. Lindsay Lohan has retained her in the wake of her D.U.I. arrest this week; previous clients have included Mel Gibson, Pee Wee Herman, Queen Latifah, Halle Berry, Tracy Gold and Ozzy Osbourne. (The latter in an exciting First Amendment case that kind of puts the other stuff to shame.)

"Her name is always on the short list" of people celebrities call in a legal crisis, Hollywood crisis management consultant Alan Mayer told ABC News for a profile last summer:

"Blair knows that you don't want to try the case in the press," Mayer said. "[Berk] is without a doubt the best lawyer I have dealt with. She knows that you have the courts but you also have the court of public opinion. Blair is smart and she's tough."

This is not Ms. Berk's first time meeting Ms. Lohan:

Berk also took on the paparazzi in 2005 after photographer Todd K. Wallace allegedly hit a 5-year-old with his camera and pushed another out of the way to get a shot of Berk's client, Reese Witherspoon. At the time, Berk stated publicly that the tabloids need to know that "battering and endangering a child to get a picture for their magazines is criminal and not business as usual."

Witherspoon and Lohan subsequently testified for Berk in lawsuits against paparazzi.

Get Blair Berk! Lohan’s Lawyer is Hollywood Helper