Get the Lez Out

For a brief moment last Friday in Union Square Park, everyone’s attention turned to the two women striking their best rocker pose for a photographer, their natural look-at-me stage presence commanding the eyes of passers-by. Sarah McLellan and Lisa Brigantino are half of Lez Zeppelin, an all-girl all-Zeppelin tribute group that’s been gaining momentum, fans and critical acclaim since forming in 2004. They’ll play this weekend at the Blender Theater on 23rd Street.

“I think initially our fans and audience came because they were skeptical about what we’re doing. Like, they can’t play as hard as Zeppelin,” said Ms. Brigantino, a petite brunette bassist (the Lez John Paul Jones).

“Or, maybe they’ll be hot and make out on stage,” said Ms. McLellan, the long and leggy redheaded Australian frontwoman/Robert Plant.

Neither woman would give her age or confirm that they, um, really put the Lez in Lez Zeppelin. “People assume a lot of things, and that’s something else we choose not to comment on,” said Ms. McLellan, adding that the name came from the group’s original mastermind, guitarist Steph Payne (Lez Zepplin’s fourth member is drummer Helen Destroy). “It’s almost comical to us that in today’s world people put such a big thing on labeling things. We’re not in this thing to be some sort of gimmick. ”O.K.! Well, from the sound of their eponymous debut album, Lez Zeppelin can rock just as hard as their forefathers. But don’t expect a femmed-up replica of Plant and company. Lez Zeppelin puts their own girly twist on the original.

“We try to stay true to what they do—the power and the passion,” said Ms. Brigantino. “But then we take over from there.”


Lez Zeppelin, Blender Theater at Gramercy, 127 E. 23rd Street, July 27th and 28th, 8 p.m. Get the Lez Out