GOP Wants a Cuomo Investigation, Not an Apology

The Republican state senator who chairs the Investigations and Government Operations Committee just said at a press conference that he wants the governor to appoint Andrew Cuomo as a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of the scandal involving the misuse of state police by the governor’s aides to gather information on Joe Bruno.

The Senator, George Winner of Elmira, said an investigation by Cuomo, instead of Republicans, would eliminate the notion that this is a partisan attack.

The appointment would give Cuomo the power to subpoena some of the top aides who had declined to participate in his previous investigation.

Winner also dismissed Spitzer’s effort to put the issue behind him with an apologetic op-ed in the New York Times on Sunday.

The scandal “can’t be answered with an apology. That isn’t enough anymore.”

GOP Wants a Cuomo Investigation, Not an Apology