Gun Guy Pitches Softball, Bloomberg Hits It

For an outspoken gun control advocate like Michael Bloomberg, there’s nothing better, or easier, than debating gun zealots like the guy who just called into the mayor’s radio show a few moments ago.

The caller, Nick, said, “We should repeal every single gun control law we have and we should be able to buy handguns over the counter, in any store in the city. That’s the way it used to be a hundred years ago and we had much less crime than we have now under your crazy gun control laws.”

Bloomberg’s response:

“Nick, I’m glad you feel that way. Number one, the good old days weren’t the good old days when it was the Wild West here. People killed people and life expectancy was probably twenty or thirty years less than it is today.”

He went on to say, “I think you should really stop and think, seriously, if you think everybody should be packing heat in big cities. That would not be a great world for the rest of us."

Gun Guy Pitches Softball, Bloomberg Hits It