Health Department Responds

To the Editor:

Re “Does the Health Department Have a Borough Bias?” [July 23]:

Food safety is not a popularity contest. All restaurants are required to follow the same rules to prevent food-borne illness, whether they are well-known eateries catering to the rich and famous or small mom-and-pop operations.

Most New York City restaurants are successful in following these rules and protecting their customers. However, one of the restaurants discussed in your article failed seven reopening inspections after being closed for the second time in five months. The establishment remains closed because it is unable to correct violations involving mice, roaches and stagnant water, among other issues.

The New York City Health Department does not favor any borough or any one type of restaurant. Our job is simply to enforce the rules and make sure food is safe. The public deserves no less.

Elliott Marcus
Associate Commissioner
Bureau of Food Safety
New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Manhattan Health Department Responds