N.Y. Sun Raises Cover Price to $1

Earlier this month, both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal raised their cover prices up from a buck—to $1.25 and $1.50, respectively. Now, the New York Sun is getting in on the action.

On Aug. 6—the same day the Times gets 1.5 inches narrower—the Sun will double their newsstand price to $1 an issue, according to an internal memo sent out this afternoon:

Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007
To: NY Sun Office Staff
Subject: Cover Price Change

Dear Colleague,

Effective August 6th, The New York Sun’s newsstand price will be raised to $1.00. This move is consistent with the newspaper’s long-term marketing plan adopted and instituted in January 2006. This decision aligns the newspaper’s cover price with other high-quality broadsheets in New York City. The price of a home delivery subscription will remain the same.

As you know, our print and online product has grown continuously over the past five years in the world’s most competitive news market. Admirers and competitors alike recognize our reporting to be among the finest in the industry. From local, national and global news, to our coverage of politics, business, sports, arts and culture, the New York Sun’s reporting is cited daily in countless media outlets. The paper is highly valued by our influential readership and we are proud of our role in the cultural and intellectual discourse of this great city.

With your continued dedication, passion, and tireless effort, the Sun will continue to grow and thrive.


  N.Y. Sun Raises Cover Price to $1