Mark Penn Lawsuit Settled

Allegations that Hillary Clinton’s top adviser, Mark Penn, illegally monitored the blackberry of one of his former employees have been withdrawn as part of settlement Penn struck with three additional former employees he claimed were trying to steal clients from his firm.

A spokesman for Penn’s firm Penn, Schoen & Berland, called to say the defendants “paid a substantial sum” and that the Temporary Restraining Order barring the former employees from soliciting PSB clients “has been superceded by an ongoing agreement to continue their obligation to not compete.”

Since one of the people in that agreement includes a pollster who worked on Michael Bloomberg’s mayoral campaigns, this is really good news for Mark Penn.

Which sounds like the end of the legal drama I’ve been obsessing over.

The official statement from PSB the parties involved is after the jump.

Penn, Schoen and Berland (“PSB”), Mike Berland and Mitchell Markel today announced that they had resolved their pending litigation and have agreed to the immediate dismissal of all lawsuits pending between and among them. While the terms of the settlements are confidential, they include undisclosed payments by Berland and Markel and the continuation of Berland and Markel’s restrictive covenants. “We at PSB are pleased that we were able to resolve this matter,” said a PSB spokesman. “We take the terms of our employment agreements very seriously and expect that all our employees will honor commitments they have made not to compete against us or solicit our clients.”

Mike Berland stated that he regrets what happened and that he valued his long association with PSB. “I am very proud of the achievements of PSB and will do everything that I can to ensure its continued success now and in the future. I have great respect for the work that was done. Over the past 20 years, Mark Penn has been my mentor, colleague and friend. I regret this incident and am happy to move forward.” Markel noted that he now realizes that he had voluntarily given PSB access to the emails which they were entitled to read. Accordingly, he has dismissed his lawsuit against PSB concerning PSB’s review of his emails and he has specifically withdrawn his claim that PSB (and its employees Mark Penn, Jonathan Gardner and Merrill Raman) acted improperly in any way.

Mark Penn Lawsuit Settled