Mercurio: Bloomberg’s Loss May Be a Win

When you’re running a campaign by bashing partisanship and the status quo, losing a fight in Albany can be like a win. At least that’s one theory about the potential impact of the congestion pricing fight on Michael Bloomberg’s national ambitions.
While talks are continuing, the plan is, at best, on life support. That apparent failure provides him with a convenient foil, and may have the effect of convincing him to run, says consultant Joe Mercurio.

“I think he would see the presidency as a place to get much more done. The legislative process needs to be corrected and one of the ways you correct is to have national policy that has lots of carrots.”

Nor does Mercurio think the setback will have any lasting impact on Bloomberg’s public appeal. “I don’t think people are going to see this as a failure,” Mercurio said.

“The year he went through the horrendous West Side rail yards thing–if you asked ten people on the street, they’d be hard pressed to remember it happened. And now, they’re building on that site and think he did it. In truth, he had to be beat into submission.” Mercurio: Bloomberg’s Loss May Be a Win