Miller’s Tailoring: Stars Dig Sienna’s Duds

On Thursday, July 26, at a party for Sienna Miller’s new clothing line Twenty8Twelve on the leafy rooftop of Gramercy Park Hotel, porcelain-skinned actress Anne Hathaway, who plays Jane Austen in the new film Becoming Jane, said that she found Ms. Miller’s designs positively inspiring. “Oh, I think she’s wonderful,” Ms. Hathaway said. “I think she’s pretty fearless when it comes to fashion. And girls like me who play it safe definitely get inspiration from girls like her.”

Ms. Hathaway, playing it safe in a below-the-knee patterned white slip dress, said Persuasion was her favorite of Ms. Austen’s books. “I loved the transformation that the main character has during the course of it,” she said. “The idea that, at the beginning of the book love has been lost and then it’s regained … And the idea of a heroine who’s really smart and trying to work within the confines of society to find true happiness, and trying to mend the confines of society as well.”

But back to the lady of the hour: “The fringed dress that she wore to the Factory Girl premiere, I just thought, ‘God, I never thought that look really worked,’ and by God it does!” Ms. Hathaway chirped.

Just then Ms. Miller strode by, wearing blue and a steely “don’t talk to me” face, which the Transom timidly obeyed.

Tanorexic stylist Rachel Zoe was also there, clad in a tiger-print slip (rowr!), platform heels and lots of mascara. “Oh, my God, honestly I love it,” she said of Twenty8Twelve, named for the actress-designer’s birthday. “Sienna is amazing. I mean, she’s such a style innovator and I love that she takes so many risks, and I’m plenty confident that her line is going to blow out of the stores immediately.”

Ms. Zoe then admitted she hadn’t actually seen the line—she’s been out of the country—but that she admires how Ms. Miller never “tries too hard.”

So what’s coming down the pike next, fashionwise? “Honestly there are so many things,” the stylist said. “I mean, platforms, super, super, super–high platforms. Waist belts, really wide waist belts. Mini, mini, mini, mini–dresses. Ankle boots. Patent everything. Bright colors. Bright flashes of neon. Hot pink!”





Miller’s Tailoring: Stars Dig Sienna’s Duds