More on When Spitzer Knew

One of the most damaging elements of today’s report from Andrew Cuomo, I think, is an email from May showing two of Spitzer’s top aides, Rich Baum and Darren Dopp, discussing how to spread the Joe Bruno story to reporters. That is, just before any reporters had filed any Freedom of Information requests or made any formal inquiries about Bruno.

But as late as a few weeks ago, Spitzer was defending the actions of his aides, two of whom he suspended earlier today.

So, when did Spitzer learn what was happening?

Surrounded by reporters in his midtown office, Spitzer tried explaining as follows:

“First, I would observe that the facts as reported in the document, the report that was issued today, in fact do make it–without embracing your adjectives –make it clear that there were some conversations among those individuals on how to illicit information. Whether or not it was responsive to a media inquiry at that time is something the attorney general has concluded it was not. Obviously I believed at the time when I answered the question two weeks ago, three weeks ago–I forget the precise date–that it was. I became aware of this discrepancy recently.”

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