New Marshall Blog

So, in an intriguing development for those of us obsessed with bloggy things,  here's what Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo web site is going to look like after the relaunch that the Observer's Felix Gillette wrote about a while back.

It's kind of an interesting look, with the new front page featuring a double-wide column for the main blog, then two news columns to the right featuring original videos, headlines from the wires and, significantly, the other blogs that are now part of the whole package. (The current site, which is going to disappear tomorrow, teases the non-Marshall blogs in the text of the main column.)

Also gone from the new site is that headshot of Marshall looking sternly over his glasses at you. Which sort of helps convey, whether by design or not, that the new site is the product of a network of journalists — including esteemed Observer alumnus Greg Sargent — rather than one hyperactive man and his computer. New Marshall Blog