O Come All Ye Famous! Peggy Siegal Issues Ultimatum to East Hampton

“Honestly, I’m having a panic attack,” said Bourne Ultimatum co-star Julia Stiles, 26, wearing sleeveless, shiny purple after the movie’s East Hampton premiere, which was organized by publicist Peggy Siegal on Sunday, July 29. Matt Damon (not present) may be through with being Bourne, but Ms. Stiles isn’t ready to give up on the franchise just yet. “We’ll see!” she said, regarding the prospect of another installment. “I guess, if there’s a story.…”

The film’s screening on Main Street and the after-party at Cittanuova were attended by designer Calvin Klein, actress Kerry Washington, socialite-decorator Celerie Kemble and hubby Boykin Curry, photographer Bruce Weber­—surrounded by handsome men—as well as magazine editor/self-described “Bourne freak” Dave Zincezenko. (“What is it you edit—Men’s Journal? Men’s Health?” someone was overheard asking Mr. Zinczenko, who gamely explained that it was the latter, adding: “I have a blog.”)

Ms. Washington, who starred with Ms. Stiles in Save the Last Dance, was holding court at the bar. “My mother is the biggest Robert Ludlum fan on the planet,” she said. “When I watch these movies, it makes me think of her. I’m not really into spy fiction myself. Not really my thing.”

Another Bourne co-star, Joan Allen, was looking approximately 32 (she is 50) as she ate dinner, very tan and blond in a floor-length red gown. “With the surveillance, with the C.I.A. and our government, with everything going on in our world these days, I think it’s very relevant,” she said of the film. So are there really cameras all over New York City, as Bourne suggests? “I interviewed a couple women who are in the C.I.A., or were in the C.I.A.,” she said. “I think they’d say the answer to that would be classified!” Well, alrighty, then!

At the end of the night, a trim, very sober Jay McInerney was among the last standing. “It’s my wife’s birthday,” he said apologetically, retreating to the table where Anne Hearst waited, alone in her black frock. Then he nodded wearily towards the Transom’s half-eaten cup of gelato. “It’s good, isn’t it?” Indeed it was.


  O Come All Ye Famous! Peggy Siegal Issues Ultimatum to East Hampton