Obama’s Terrorism Speech

Barack Obama is set to deliver a major foreign policy speech tomorrow in Iowa entitled “The War We Need to Win," laying out his strategy for fighting terrorism worldwide.

"He will discuss how the war in Iraq and our failed leadership in Washington DC have made us less safe than we were before 9/11 and outline his plan to start fighting the right war on the right battlefield," his spokeswoman Jen Psaki told me.

The speech, of course, comes as Obama and Hillary Clinton have been sparring over the appropriateness of an American president talking to the leaders of rogue nations. (Obama said he'd talk without preconditions. Hillary called that naïve. Obama said her position was Bush-Cheney lite. Hillary asked what happened to Obama's politics of hope, etc.)

One advantage that the Obama camp sees in the whole fight is that – regardless of the merits of his argument – it brings Obama into a substantive discussion on foreign policy, an area in which his critics say his resume is thin. The speech, assuming he says anything new, should provide more than enough material to keep the foreign policy conversation between the two camps going. Which, judging by the last few days, would be just fine with Obama.  Obama’s Terrorism Speech