Oink! Oink! Paul Moriarty

Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, who also serves as the Mayor of Washington Township, uses a municipal gas pump to fill up his personal car, according to a Gloucester County Times report. Nearly two years ago, when he was running for the Legislature, Moriarty banned township employees from using government vehicles for personal use.

"We all need to chip in right now to deal with the shock at the pump," Moriarty told the GCT in a 2005 interview. He also suggested that the ban was something "every municipality has to do."

He gave up his taxpayer-owned Ford Explorer after winning an Assembly seat.

According to the report, Moriarty has a key and passcode to the township gas pump. "I have authorization to do so," he told the GCT. Oink! Oink! Paul Moriarty