One Friendly Face, At Least, For Spitzer

Just as Eliot Spitzer was reaching the low-point of his largely highlight-free time as governor, two readers called me to describe a sight that would have been unthinkable a few months ago:

At Eliot Spitzer’s fund-raiser in Manhattan yesterday, he was introduced by state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. That’s the same guy whose election by the state legislature Spitzer opposed and who was described by the governor as “utterly unqualified.” (The two had already buried the hatchet somewhat, with DiNapoli appearing arm and arm with Spitzer in a video Spitzer filmed for the annual roast with the Albany-based reporters.)

According to one of the attendees, DiNapoli said Spitzer was the best governor New York has had.

Another source said, “It was like the whole world is upside down.”

Funny who your friends turn out to be.

One Friendly Face, At Least, For Spitzer