Plummer Denied, Speaks from the Heart

A federal judge ruled just now that the City Council can move forward and fire staffer Viola Plummer if she does not sign a statement promising to behave herself. Plummer, who works for firebrand councilman Charles Barron, landed in this trouble after making outbursts during a Council meeting in May, after which she expressed the hope that someone would "assassinate" one of her opponents. After Council Speaker Christine Quinn moved to punish Plummer last week, the city employee filed a lawsuit.

But losing this legal round didn't prevent Plummer and Barron, from leaving the federal court house in Manhattan with their arms raised in victory. Speaking to reporters after the judge's ruling, Plummer said: "I feel this is a continuation of white supremacy that began when we were kidnapped and brought here."

When asked about the "assassination" remark attributed to her, she said, "In my heart, I believe the words that I used are the words that I said. Straight up, okay?"

Barron, not for the first time, ripped up the apology letter that Plummer had been ordered to sign by 5 p.m. today. Although Plummer's lawyer said his client will likely be fired by the end of this afternoon, Barron predicted that she would be back to work starting Monday (and joked he may even ask her to work the weekend).

Plummer may not return to City Hall, but she will get a day in court, it seems. A jury trial for her civil case is set to begin September 24th.

Plummer Denied, Speaks from the Heart