Poll: Bloomberg a Major Factor in NJ

Rudy Giuliani holds a slim four point lead over Hillary Clinton in New Jersey, and splits the state evenly with her if Michael Bloomberg joins the fray, according to a new poll by the Quinnipiac Polling Institute.

In a head-to-head match up, Giuliani leads Clinton 47 to 44 percent, down from the 49 to 40 percent lead he had in April.

And with Bloomberg in the race, the two other candidates split New Jersey with 36 percent apiece, while the independent billionaire gets 18 percent.

Since Bloomberg's quasi-campaign began, the big question has been whether he would hurt the Republican or Democratic candidate more. The answer, at least according to this one poll, in this one state, is that he would be more dangerous to the GOP. Or at least, to the GOP if it nominates another (former) mayor of New York City. Poll: Bloomberg a Major Factor in NJ