Republican Congressman: Hillary Would Be “Effective President”

Here's a partial transcript of Republican congressman Peter King's television interview yesterday with WNBC-TV's Jay DeDapper, in which King had some pretty nice things to say about a New Yorker running for President not named Rudy Giuliani.

I am not one of these Republicans who hates Hillary Clinton. I disagree with her, but I think she would be an effective president. But I do think that Giuliani can beat her. Maybe not–New York will be tough. But New Jersey, for instance. I think he has a very good chance. Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida. That's where the key race is going to be. It'll be an excellent race.

Yes, King is personally friendly with the Clintons, and yes, he's never exactly been one of those Republicans who feels compelled to stay on message. But still. 

Also on the show was Anthony Weiner, who had this to say about Michael Bloomberg's presidential ambitions: “If it walks like a campaign and quacks like a campaign, at a certain point you have to assume it’s a campaign.” Republican Congressman: Hillary Would Be “Effective President”