Rivera’s Dinner with Obama

Haile Rivera, a Bronx-based food bank employee, City Council aspirant andsupporter of Barack Obama, is back from a dinner in D.C. that the senator had with four low-dollar contributors.

Rivera seems to have been mesmerized by Obama, which I guess is bound to happen when you get to have dinner with a presidential candidate after donating just $5.

Here’s part of his dispatch:

“As he greeted us, he did so with a sincere, normal smile (one of those that you know was not prepped in advance), a firm handshake and a "Hi, nice to meet you." He thanked us for coming (as if we[sic] an invitation from him could be turned down).”

He adds, “I concluded by inviting him to the Bronx and letting him know that next time, dinner was on me.”

Rivera’s Dinner with Obama