Some 2009 Numbers

The city Campaign Finance Board is putting out some numbers today filed by some familiar candidates for citywide office.

The first total after each name below represents net contributions over a six-month period that ended last week, and the second is net contributions for the entire cycle.

Bill Thompson: $745,573 [$3,169,394]

Christine Quinn: $1,073,614 [$1,383,935]

Tony Avella: $31,425 [$103,465]

Norman Siegel: $26,959 [$26,959]

James Brennan: $31,933 [$245,836]

Domenic Recchia: $58,955 [$147,784]

Michael McMahon: $74,925 [$195,911]

One small observation: I hadn’t heard much in way of expectations for Quinn’s number, but one could say breaking a million after pushing for tougher regulations against lobbyists, an obvious source of contributions, is pretty good. Some 2009 Numbers