Spitzer Defended

To the Editor:

The Observer’s editorial chastising Governor Eliot Spitzer for his arrogance in dealing with State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno [“The Arrogant Governor,” July 16] was refuted by the editorial that appeared immediately below it [“Albany Ties Up Traffic”].

The Governor was elected by a huge majority of New York state voters partially on the promise that he would make the legislature functional and beholden to the people, not to two individuals elected by a very small segment of the population.

I don’t blame Mr. Spitzer for his actions because there doesn’t seem to be any other way to make Mr. Bruno and State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver start acting like responsible legislators rather than as leaders of their own fiefdoms. Mr. Silver is willing to allow New York City to lose a half-billion dollars because he doesn’t agree with Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion-pricing plan, which is working successfully in many large cities in Europe.

Mr. Bruno refuses to make any changes in the way the State Senate operates because he wants to run the whole show.

Mr. Spitzer is not arrogant. Rather, he’s frustrated because these two gentlemen are able to thumb their noses at him and the voters, knowing full well that they will be elected time and again regardless of what they do—as long as they bring home the bacon to their little constituencies.

New York State is dysfunctional and will be so as long as Mr. Bruno and Mr. Silver are in office. Governor Spitzer should be praised, not chastised.

Leonard Ennis
Northport, N.Y.

Spitzer Defended