Spitzer on Public-Private Traveling

In the midst of another bruising fight in Albany, Eliot Spitzer found time to read to children in an early learning center in Albany earlier today. Spitzer told reporters gathered there that despite what they might read in the papers, he played no role in the state police monitoring of Joe Bruno's traveling. Spitzer also said he has never used his state-funded traveling for private or political purposes.

"I don’t have anything to do with it. We respond to a FOIL request. My use of state planes, cars, is done pursuit to very strict guidelines that when I became governor, I asked the ethics office to create. To make sure that things were done properly, that there was proper respect for public-private distinctions. We have been meticulous in doing that and I will continue to be because that is the nature of the government that I believe we should have."

You can hear the Spitzer and the press in this audio clip. Spitzer on Public-Private Traveling