Sponsored E-mail — What if celebrities told the truth?

In today’s journalism — where a post-prison Paris Hilton interview triples Larry King’s ratings and whips the media into a slightly insane lather — the celebrity profile has become a predicable venue for questions designed to never scratch Hollywood’s glossy surface. The new Sony Pictures Classic release Interview (in theaters July 13) dares to imagine what would happen if a journalist and star actually began to (gasp!) tell the truth.

Steve Buscemi, who directs and co-wrote the screenplay, stars as Pierre Peders, an over-the-hill political reporter assigned to what he considers a puff piece — interviewing Katya, a one-name-only pop-music, TV, and movie star portrayed by a luminous Sienna Miller. (Katya’s beauty quite literally causes traffic accidents.) After a rocky meeting, the two spend a long, tense night packed with sexually charged banter, lots of drinking, and flirty manipulations in a cat-and-cat game that takes some clever twists along the way.

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Sponsored E-mail — What if celebrities told the truth?