Stories in The Week’s Observer…

Max Abelson talks with Barbara Corcoran about her upcoming book and CNBC show (wherein she'll talk to dolls).

Also, Mr. Abelson chats with the redoubtable Philippe Starck. See how he loves the outer-boroughs!

More parents are having to help the kids with the rent. Tom Acitelli looks at the dormification of Manhattan.

John Koblin has the news of Google's expansion in West Chelsea.

Mr. Koblin also tells of a fresh sales record in Soho–130 Prince goes for over $1,200 a square foot.

Zach Braff may be buying in the Village very soon. Mr. Abelson has the details.

Matthew Schuerman sits down with former Penn president Judith Rodin. She has some advice for Columbia's Lee Bollinger on getting along with Harlem.

Mr. Schuerman also has news of Bill Lynch's attempts to build grass-roots support for Columbia's northern expansion.

And Mr. Schuerman dares to ask: Did New York steal some of its best recent ideas from Chicago?

Chris Shott breaks down the fight between hotel man Sam Chang and Pussycat Lounge owner Robert Kremer. Hint: It's dirty.

And Mark Wellborn tells of the allegations of forgery dogging restaranteur Rob Shamlian as he tries to open on Essex Street.  

Stories in The Week’s Observer…