Stories in This Week’s Observer

Chris Shott tells the tale of the increasingly nasty fight over management of the Chelsea Hotel. This one's got it all.

Tishman Speyer's putting 220,000 square feet of 30 Rockefeller Plaza up for lease, and John Koblin has the details.

Mr. Koblin also tells you about 'loss factor,' and how this could be costing your company millions annually.

The office-market boom in Manhattan will end pretty soon, and Tom Acitelli explains why.

Mark Wellborn has both sides of a squabble over a synagogue's plans to build a condo high-rise on the Upper East Side.

Max Abelson takes you to 1 Beekman Place, where jeweler John Landrum Bryant and his heiress wife bought the duplex for $7.1 million.

Mr. Abelson also tells you about a seller in Soho (he got $6.5 million for his condo) who compares building employees to trained dogs.

And meet handsome Nick Mathers. Mr. Acitelli sits down with him inside his future West Village restaurant.

Stories in This Week’s Observer