Stories in This Week’s Observer

Fifteen Central Park West–an inside review (complete with the Zeckendorfs laughing!) by 740 Park author Michael Gross.

John Koblin sits down with NYU president John Sexton and talks Village expansion–and Sioux City.

Tom Acitelli looks at the value to homeowners of trees and parks.

Justin Timberlake–OMG! He is so hot!–brings a Southern restaurant to the Upper East Side, and Mark Wellborn's there to report back.

Matthew Schuerman dissects City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's new relationship with real estate.

Two bakeries. Two boroughs. Same run-in with the Health Department. Chris Shott looks at why Magnolia bakery got off quickly and a Park Slope bakery not so much.

Donald Trump called Max Abelson with something to say about Eugenia Kaye's $2 million apartment purchase.

Everyone thought the Macklowes might take 450 Park Avenue. John Koblin looks at why they didn't.

Farrar, Strauss and Giroux is leaving Union Square after 46 years. Mr. Koblin has that, too.

And ex-Ranger Brian Leetch cashes out of the Upper West Side's Bromley for over $3.7 million. Mr. Abelson looks at the slap shot. Stories in This Week’s Observer