The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Solar panels and triple-glazed windows would save buildings thousands of dollars in energy costs. [NY Times]

Will One Jackson Square be an eyesore for Greenwich Village residents? [NY Times]

Hedge fund manager may have changed his mind about bigger being better. [NY Times]

The famed Copacabana is moving from its 11th Avenue location. Good Fellas fans everywhere shed a tear. [NY Times]

Joseph Bruno drafts a bill for the $500 million in federal funds aimed at improving transit in the city. [NY Times]

The Donald names Ivanka to the board of his gaming company. [NY Daily News]

Forecast for congestion pricing still bleak. [NY Daily News]

City officials say they are looking for “Rockefeller Center for the 21st Century” for West Side rail yards site. [NY Post]

Problem child may lead to family getting booted from Upper West Side co-op. [NY Post] The (Big) Round-Up: Monday