The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Manhattanville seems to be bringing out every conceivable emotion. [NY Times]

Times Square rent too high for Funny Store. [NY Times]

One more tale of the long quest from renting to owning an apartment in Manhattan. [NY Times]

Artist’s Greenpoint loft is both home and the office. [NY Times]

Hilton building timeshare tower on 57th Street. [NY Times]

Regardless of budget, buying an apartment with three or more bedrooms in the city is difficult. [NY Times]

A Brooklyn couple tells their subprime mortgage story. [NY Post]

City demolition crew is causing serious problems for those living next to their work sites. [NY Daily News]

Yet one more reason to look into “green” apartment options. [NY Sun]

A number of city restaurants are not following new law banning trans fats. [NY Post]

The (Big) Round-Up: Monday