The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

Couple transforms Lower East Side loft. [NY Times]

In order to buy an apartment in New York, you have to give up most vices. [NY Times]

West Village residents put forth plans to redesign two busy intersections in the neighborhood. [NY Times]

Problems with commercial real estate loans could be sign of bigger issues in the market. [WSJ]

Will the newly refurbished Plaza ballroom be able to stand up to the competition when it opens this fall? [NY Times]

The wares at the Wall Street location of Hermes are still very expensive. [NY Times]

UN Headquarters to undergo $1 billion makeover. [WNBC]

A shiny and buffed American Museum of Natural History to re-emerge in 2009. [NY Times]

New York City foreclosures set to reach highest point in decade. [Crain's]

Are high hotel rates causing a drop-off in tourism? [NY Post] 

Danish amusement park could be coming to Coney Island. [NY Post] 

Mets lead Yankees in stadium-construction race. [NY Sun] 

Amsterdam Houses on the Upper West Side mark 60 years. [NY Sun]


The (Big) Round-Up: Monday