The Cost of an Assembly Seat in Manhattan

Some of the final numbers are in for that special election on Manhattan’s East Side, where Democrat Micah Kellner trounced Republican Greg Camp, dispelling the notion that the old Silk Stocking District was still friendly territory for the GOP. Even with a powerful endorsement from the Mayor Michael Bloomberg–a Republican at the time–Camp still lost.

A new report shows that Kellner spent $43,951.68 in the last days of the election and immediately afterward, and more than $90,000 in all in the race. As important as the numbers themselves is the list of people that helped put Kellner into office. Chief among them were Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who gave $2,000 from his own campaign committee, and LAWPAC of New York, which contributed $3,000.

I can’t compare Kellner’s campaign expenses with Camps’ because his final numbers haven’t been posted yet. And Camps’ first filing said he spent only $18.09.

(Camp people told me at the time said that filing reflected a rushed campaign cycle and that the post-election filing would obviously be more detailed.)

Notable expenses for Kellner include $18,146 for his consultants at The Parkside Group, contributions of $500 for the Lenox Hill Democratic Club and $150 for the Ansonia Independent Democrats.

The Cost of an Assembly Seat in Manhattan