The End of the McCain Campaign As We Knew It

Just days after dismissing dozens of staffers because of poor fund-raising and amid dismal poll ratings, John McCain’s presidential campaign is announcing the resignation of campaign manager Terry Nelson and senior strategist John Weaver.

Is this it?

Here, from a press release, are their statements:

ARLINGTON, VA – Terry Nelson, Campaign Manager and John Weaver, Chief Strategist for John McCain 2008 issued the following statements:

"This morning I informed Senator McCain that I would be resigning from his presidential campaign, effective immediately. It has been a tremendous honor to serve Senator McCain and work on his campaign. I believe John McCain is the most experienced and prepared candidate to represent the Republican Party and defeat the Democratic nominee next year." – Terry Nelson, Campaign Manager

"As of today, I have resigned my position as chief strategist to John McCain's presidential campaign. It has been my honor and a distinct privilege to serve someone who has always put our country first. I believe that most Americans will come to the conclusion that I have long known there is only one person equipped to serve as our nation's chief executive and deal with the challenges we face, and that person is John McCain." – John Weaver, Chief Strategist

The End of the McCain Campaign As We Knew It