The Morning Read: Friday, July 27, 2007

The state Ethics Commission will investigate Eliot Spitzer's Bruno problem and may get at answers left out in Andrew Cuomo’s report on the situation.

It’s unclear whether the commission, which is controlled by Spitzer, will subpoena him and others to testify.

But the commission’s probe may provide “cover” for Spitzer, who could face questions from Republicans in the state Senate.

Spitzer told the Times Union the scandal involving his top aides is a major problem.

Although Spitzer said he’s answered all the questions about the scandal, Newsday has a few more.

One unanswered question is whether Spitzer thinks his top aides should have spoken with investigators from the state attorney general’s office.

One top aide to Spitzer, Rich Baum, told Newsday he doesn’t remember the emails informing him that other staffers were using state troopers to gather information about a political rival.

Baum told his hometown paper he didn’t inform the governor of what was going on.

Spitzer signed a bill that could put congestion pricing back on the path to passage.

And he vetoed a bill giving health care coverage to some employees at Stewart Airport.

A top aide under Alan Hevesi left the comptroller’s office.

Efforts to create a New York City residents ID card stirs debates in the City Council.

Michael Bloomberg will veto a bill allowing kids to bring cell phones to school.

Angling to become the next City Council Speaker is already underway.

A controversial telephone survey in Binghamton allegedly asked if people wanted to be represented in the City Council by a young black woman or an old white man.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama traded insults in their fight about how to deal with dictators from the Oval Office.

The Times Union editorial board says Spitzer should tell his top aides to provide sworn testimony to the Ethics Commission.

And the Daily News editorial board said the aides “must talk.”

  The Morning Read: Friday, July 27, 2007