The Morning Read: Friday, July 6, 2007

Eliot Spitzer and Joe Bruno can’t agree on much lately.

The state Senate may subpoena some of Spitzer’s emails related to the Bruno surveillance.

Even by Albany standards, the Spitzer-Bruno fight is unprecedented.

Even though he’s now an independent mayor, Michael Bloomberg is still very helpful to New York Republicans.

Bloomberg's flirtation with a presidential run is not helpful to Rudy Giuliani, whether or not he runs, the Washington Post writes.

A writer on the Huffington Post says Bloomberg’s position on eminent domain could be problematic for his presidential aspirations.

Bloomberg News covers Bloomberg the quasi-candidate.

Education officials dispute Bill Thompson’s audit.

Everybody is talking about reforming healthcare.

Con Ed defends itself after a blackout on the Upper East Side.

Viola Plummer has until 5 p.m. today to sign a statement saying she’ll behave herself.

Betsy Gotbaum and Sean Patrick Maloney were among the 4th of July partygoers on the Forbes yacht.

Gay City News takes issue with Hillary Clinton’s comments about HIV/AIDS.

John Edwards picks up two operatives from the stop Wal-Mart movement [subscription].

Chris Dodd is still trying hard.

An African-American op-ed columnist on Barack Obama in the Washington Post: "The average black American onlooker can't help feeling proud but also just a little hurt watching Obama. … [We] know that with each utterance about injustice, each puff of anger or frustration about racism, we lose the very thing we seek: a viable black candidate. The closer Obama comes to us, the further he would be from winning the nomination and the presidency."

A powerful Republican senator defects from Bush on Iraq.

In an op-ed, Joe Lieberman said Iran’s behavior in Iraq is part of “a larger pattern of expansionist, extremist behavior”. [subscription].

What's the fallout from the LA Mayor's sex scandal?

UCLA coed got a new cell phone number. It used to be Paris Hilton's. Hilarity ensued.

The Morning Read: Friday, July 6, 2007