The Morning Read: Monday, July 2, 2007

The latest bombing plot in the U.K. was not homegrown, authorities say.

Barack Obama had a record-breaking fundraising quarter.

Read his chest-thumping announcement memo here.

Get all your FEC filing details here.

A “well-publicized billionaire investor in the metropolitan New York area” has bet $350,000 that Hillary will win, the Sun reports.

On This Week, Joe Lieberman praised Rudy Giuliani and John McCain.

Steve Kornacki says it’s just another indication of how irrelevant Lieberman has become.

A Rudy Giuliani aide says firefighter criticism is coming from “a few disgruntled union members.”

Fred Thompson is looking ever more certain to run.

The Times takes a close look at his sons’ lobbying activities.

Hillary attacks Thompson, meanwhile, for warning of Castro agents with suitcase nukes. In league with Chinese financiers, perhaps?

Chuck Schumer calls for greater regulation of Chinese trade goods.

It’s “extremely likely” Governor Spitzer will request an investigation into Joe Bruno’s apparent use of a state helicopter for fundraising activities.

The Times Union broke the chopper story on Sunday. Among the contributors Bruno flew to meet with: Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, the insurance magnate who was brought down by a Spitzer investigation.

Liz Benjamin reports that “Spitzer aides are researching whether Bruno violated the Public Officers Law, which could bring suspension or removal from office or a civil penalty,” as well as possible criminal violations.

A Bruno aide says the state inspector general has “no jurisdiction to investigate the legislative branch.”

Fred Dicker says Spitzer’s attacks on Bruno last week were “filled with distortions, half-truths and, in one case, an outright falsehood.”

Two Republican state senators generously say Spitzer is just on a “learning curve” and will soon be wise to the ways of Albany.

In case you missed it on Saturday, here’s the Times’ profile of Kevin Sheekey.

Despite the new city noise code, New York is still noisy, the Times reports.

Charles Barron is planning a “day of outrage.”

New York state is no closer to enacting a no-fault divorce law.

The New Jersey legislature is wary of bloggers.

Al Gore got a very special favor from Paramount chief Brad Grey.

The Rodriguez family is classy all around. The Morning Read: Monday, July 2, 2007