The Morning Read: Monday, July 30, 2007

Eliot Spitzer apologizes to New Yorkers in a New York Times op-ed.

Spitzer named two top aides “special counsel,” which granted them attorney client privileges and may have hindered an investigation into the scandal.

A Republican in the state Senate may ask Spitzer to name Andrew Cuomo a special prosecutor in the case.

The state Inspector General declined to use the office’s subpoena power to get Spitzer’s top aides to testify about the scandal.

A spokeswoman for Eliot Spitzer said more staff changes may be on the way.

Someone with ties to the state legislature may join Spitzer’s staff.

The law firm that employed the current head of the state ethics commission was a major contributor to Spitzer, who the commission may be investigating.

Sheldon Silver said it’s time for Spitzer to act more cooperatively.

Spitzer’s office denied a FOIL request to see how much money state leaders are spending on capital projects around the state.

Adolfo Carrion talks about 2009, and says he can’t wait to see a family (his, maybe?) living in Gracie Mansion.

Richard Lipsky wonders if the family reference is a shot at one of Carrion’s likely opponents, who is gay.

A report by Betsy Gotbaum says the city isn’t doing enough to help minority and women-owned businesses get city contracts.

Chuck Schumer is torn over whether to increase taxes on hedge funds and private equity firms.

The Times has someletters Hillary Clinton sent to a friend during college, in which she once described herself as “agnostic intellectual liberal, emotional conservative.”

A fund-raiser for Rudy Giuliani is criticized for preying on the poor.

Details of sexual harassment suit Michael Bloomberg settled in 2000 could resurface if he runs for president.

The New York Times editorial board picks up something Hank Sheinkopf told me last week to show that Spitzer needs new advisers.

Ted Lazarus says the focus on Eliot Spitzer’s scandal is wrong, and suggests another anology: "this 'scandal' is not Nixonian, but rather Clintonian.”

And The Herald Record editorial board thinks one lesson of Spitzer’s problems is for the press to “rediscover the skepticism” it used to have. The Morning Read: Monday, July 30, 2007