The Morning Read: Thursday, July 26, 2007

Republican lawmakers in Albany say they may subpoena Eliot Spitzer to learn what he knew about his aides role in trying to smear Joe Bruno.

Setting the stage for a constitutional showdown, Spitzer said Republicans don’t have the authority to subpoena him.

Spitzer told the Daily News editorial board that before he became governor, Bruno’s plane usage was of concern, but her maintained that he was unaware of his aides’ dirty tricks.

A Spitzer spokeswoman said another investigation would be a waste.

Pundits say that over time, Spitzer will recover from this scandal.

State lawmakers are back in Albany to vote on congestion pricing.

Michael Bloomberg said that if Ray Kelly is interested in running for mayor, he should go for it.

Viola Plummer was kicked out of the City Council chambers yesterday.

Christine Quinn criticized the police for not giving stop-and-frisk data in a more user-friendly format.

A bill allowing children to bring cell phones to school was passed by the City Council, but may get vetoed by the mayor.

The MTA’s financial plan is banking on money being raised by congestion pricing.

The state’s largest public employees union endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Presidential candidates are using private jets owned by campaign contributors and supporters.

A Daily News columnist thinks Spitzer can use this scandal, somehow, to ease the cost of transit fares.

Errol Louis says the reform movement is damaged because of Spitzer’s scandal.

The New York Post editorial board wants the Albany district attorney to conduct a complete investigation into Spitzer.

And the Times Union’s editorial today said, “It's time for Governor Spitzer to come forward and start answering questions.”

The Morning Read: Thursday, July 26, 2007