The Morning Read: Thursday, July 5, 2007

At the request of Eliot Spitzer, state troopers trailed Joe Bruno to record his state-funded travelins.

Bruno said a newspaper that’s run critical stories of him tried to pressure him into buying newspaper ads.

There’s disparity in how some official reimbursed the city and state for private use of their publicly funded transportation.

Get ready for a blitz of congestion pricing ads.

Michael Bloomberg and about 85 staffers are moving to Brooklyn while City Hall gets a makeover.

Snapshots from July 4 in Iowa: Biden calls the president “brain-dead” and Obama swallows a bug.

A man with a “large knife” was arrested outside Obama’s hotel.

On the road with Hillary, Bill Clinton acts like a big asset.

At an event in Iowa, Ben notes that Barack Obama “had positioned himself in alignment with the rotation of the earth, in accordance with the teachings of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi…”


Tom Tancredo, feeling triumphant on the campaign trail.

Al Gore 3rd arrested in California for speeding, drug possession. He was driving a Prius.

The Today show just interviewed Gore and, oddly, did not ask him about his kid’s arrest.

On the L.A. Times editorial page, a professor cites (satirically, I think) Jean Baudrillard in arguing that Mike Gravel’s campaign commercials are “as revolutionary in their context as Duchamp's urinal, Warhol's Marilyns, Washington crossing the Delaware, Bugs Bunny's attack on Elmer Fudd"

Some former city workers took state jobs and improperly collected more than $1 million in pension payments.

Anthony Weiner wants the crown of the statue of liberty opened.

The New York Times editorial board wants Spitzer and Bruno to stop bickering and get back to work.

Chuck Schumer has missed more votes in the senate than Hillary Clinton, the Post editorial board notes.

Bloomberg leaves something to be desired in the way of public housing, says a guest columnist in the Daily News.

Errol Louis thinks the Supreme Court’s latest ruling on not using race for school admissions is wrong.

BBC Correspondent Alan Johnston is released by his kidnappers in Gaza, says the experience was like being “buried alive.”

Tom Seaver is now making wine in California.

And John Edwards’ stylist speaks.

The Morning Read: Thursday, July 5, 2007