The Morning Read: Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The fight between Eliot Spitzer and Joe Bruno is not letting up.

Eliot Spitzer’s said his wife wondered what impact it has been having on their family.

Spitzer said the fight is a distraction from the real work they have to do.

Andrew Cuomo is looking into Spitzer’s and Bruno’s allegations.

In light of investigations into how Alan Hevesi invested the state’s $154 billion pension, Spitzer said it may be time to change the role of the state comptroller.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver declined to travel to D.C. with Michael Bloomberg to advocate for congestion pricing.

Critics of the congestion pricing plan called it a regressive tax and said there is no deadline by which they need to act.

And Viola Plummer is back at work, as a volunteer.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, July 10, 2007