The Morning Read: Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Part of Barack Obama’s pool of small donors consists of those who paid $5 tickets for speeches and $4.50 paid for key chains.

Obama has younger, hipper contributors in Hollywood than Hillary Clinton.

Clinton and Obama have more than twice the amount of money to spend as the leading Republican presidential candidates.

New Yorkers give more money to presidential candidates than residents of any other state.

The state Senate did not vote on congestion pricing before a deadline for applying for federal money, and Sheldon Silver said only that the Assembly will still study it.

Of the $3.7 million Eliot Spitzer raised in this filing period, more than $3 million went to pay for work done by Global Strategy Group. (Which were mostly ad buys.)

That rate of spending suggests that Spitzer may have to find a new way of dealing with adversaries in Albany.

Bill Thompson and Adolfo Carrion have spent the most in the last six months among likely 2009 mayoral candidates.

The current state comptroller said his predecessor may have “engaged in unethical, irresponsible and possibly criminal activity.”

A lawsuit to be filed today in Manhattan Supreme Court charges that the TWC Insurance Fund misspent millions of dollars.

Dennis Gallagher said he’ll be cleared of the rape accusations made against him by a woman last week.

He also won’t appear before a grand jury which is looking into the allegations.

New York may ban texting while driving.

Rupert Murdoch’s bid to purchase Dow Jones will be voted on tonight [subscription].

The executive editor of Roll Call thinks Michael Bloomberg should have rolled out a post-partisan agenda at the Aspen Institute Ideas Festival last week.

A Daily News columnist criticizes Sheldon Silver for stalling on congestion pricing.

And Council members David Yassky and Hiram Monserrate pen an op-ed about funding secular and religious activities.

The Morning Read: Tuesday, July 17, 2007