The Morning Read: Wednesday, July 11, 2007

City Councilman Dennis Gallagher is accused of raping a woman, according to a law enforcement source. His lawyer denied the accusation.

Gallagher allegedly met the woman at a local bar and police were searching his Queens office for DNA evidence, according to sources.

Gallagher had marital problems and once slept inside his car behind his house, according to a neighbor.

Michael Bloomberg said there needs to be an up or down vote on congestion pricing in Albany soon.

A deal involving congestion pricing and legislative pay raises, among other things, may be in the works in Albany.

Eliot Spitzer is showing “something faintly resembling a softer side” to tone down the rhetoric after his fight with Joe Bruno.

Spitzer’s next fight will be to expand health coverage to about 3 million more New Yorkers.

Some city public schools may stop providing free meals sooner than expected.

An advocate for immigrants in New York may get deported.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fight over Iraq in Iowa.

Jon Corzine doesn’t want to make public some of his work emails.

The New York Times editorial board wants congress to stand up to the nation’s gun lobby.

The New York Post editorial board is glad Andrew Cuomo is investigating the allegations leveled by Bruno and Spitzer.

The Daily News editorial board wants Sheldon Silver to support congestion pricing.

Mike Lupica thinks other Republicans presidential candidates who support the Iraq War should learn a lesson from John McCain’s meltdown.

And Byron York wonders if serving as First Lady counts as executive experience in a presidential race. The Morning Read: Wednesday, July 11, 2007