The Morning Read: Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Since Day One, Eliot Spitzer’s team couldn’t wait to start fighting Albany.

Two of Spitzer’s top aides declined to be interviewed as part of Andrew Cuomo’s investigation into whether a fake FOIL request was ginned up to smear Joe Bruno.

Spitzer had said previously that his office cooperated fully with investigators.

In the scandal, all roads lead to Spitzer’s top aide Rich Baum, writes Dan Janison.

Spitzer and Baum said they were misled by another staff member about what was happening.

Christine Quinn, Anthony Weiner, Charlie Rangel, and Joe Crowley declined to comment about Spitzer’s troubles.

The state Ethics Commission may review the current law on using state aircraft in the wake of Eliot Spitzer’s scandal.

The Times Union denies it acted in concert with the Spitzer aides embroiled in the scandal.

Ray Kelly met with a prominent political strategist, further fueling talk that he may run for mayor.

The address takes you to Michael Bloomberg’s revamped web-site, but a spokesman for the mayor denies (again) he’s running for president.

A new poll out today says Bloomberg is popular here as mayor, but not as a presidential candidate.

Viola Plummer plans on attending a City Council hearing today, despite having been fired from her job there.

The Wall Street Journal said the difference in Spitzer’s latest fight is that he “faced a political opponent who isn't as vulnerable to intimidation as the private companies and executives he preyed upon as Attorney General.”

The Times Herald-Record editorial today says Spitzer “managed to squander his mandate”.

And The Daily News editorial today says Hillary Clinton has a more “sophisticated and tougher” perspective than Barack Obama on presidential powers. The Morning Read: Wednesday, July 25, 2007