The Start of Bloomberg ’08

Now that Michael Bloomberg is officially a major factor in the 2008 presidential election, it's worth asking when exactly did the mayor inject himself into that race?

I think that when the history of the race is written, people will say the Bloomberg presidential campaign started immediately after the mayor’s 2005 re-election, when the his political guru, Kevin Sheekey, went onto New York 1 News for what they thought would be some post-election analysis.

“The only question was how big a Bloomberg blow out it would be,” NY1news anchor Dominic Carter recalled.

First, Sheekey addressed the Democratic candidate, Freddy Ferrer. “He came right out and said he expected much more of a fierce battle from them," Carter said. "Then, totally unprovoked, he starts with the Bloomberg for president–‘don’t you think it’ll be a good idea Dominic?’

“He just went on for a minute and a half about 'Bloomberg For President.'”

“So it means they had already given thought to this before the race for mayor was over. That’s what it clearly said to me.” The Start of Bloomberg ’08